In order to dodge the coronavirus Flashparty 2020 will be held online on july 17-18 via streaming.
You will be able to participate online in the different categories you will find in our rules and categories info here.
We suggest you register here to receive more info. Though that is not mandatory to participate. Below you'll find replies to some common questions:

When will it be? (approximate times):

- Friday, july 17 - 23:59 UTC - Music and visuals sets (convert to your timezone)

- Saturday, july 18 - 20:00 UTC - Compos (convert to your timezone)

Where will you stream?

We'll stream through the Twitch account Flashpartyok


Will the event be in english?

The event will be mostly spoken in spanish but all slides will be bilingual and also we'll provide translation to english in the twitch chat.


Can anybody watch the stream?

Yes, the stream will be open for everyone to watch, you don't need to register or submit entries to watch it. You can invite your friends :)


How do you define who wins the competitions?

A votesystem will be available on a secure site.

Who will be able to vote?

Everyone will be able to vote. If you submitted an entry we'll send you a votekey close to the date of the event. If you haven't submitted any entry we'll post votekeys on the stream at different moments so you'll have to pay attention!


What is Flashparty?

Flashparty is a place of comradery among enthusiasts who use technological platforms in an unusual manner to create artistic pieces and experimental artifacts. A place to show off what you do with the hardware or software you want and compete in a friendly way. A place of convergence between the demoscene, chiptune, hacking, code art and retrocomputer communities and other alternative computing sub-cultures.


What does it feature?

  • A community of people interested in showing what they do and take a look at what you do, exchange ideas and socialize.
  • Compos of different categories and disciplines so you can show-off all your nerd skills.
  • Real-time generated performances.
  • Spontaneous compos during the event. 
  • Live shows and exhibition of electronic arts.
  • Comradery and good vibes, community spirit.

Does it cost any money?

Flashparty 2020 doesn't cost any money, but you can make a donation here.
A votekey will be given to those who have submitted a valid entry according to the rules.

Can I help organizing the event?

Yes! You can volunteer to help on different tasks like setting up the place, handling equipments, entrance control, security, etc. Send us a message to flashpartyar (at) gmail (dot) com specifying which area you'd like to help with.

Who can take part of the compos and how?

Open to participants from all over the world. You will find all the necessary details in the rules section.